High tech, low life.

LARP - Sci-fi / Distopia

Psychedelic neon, labyrinthine slums, a dystopian city. Cathedrals raised by man in the name of technology. A chaotic and ruthless existence in the Sprawl. Search through lost memories for the human being you once were.

CYBERPUNK wants to tell a story about a future that might be just around the corner. It is both a journey back in time, and a jump forward. You will have a taste of life in the future, seen through the glorious 1980s’ filter – with a wink to the mood of absolute masterpieces of the genre like: Blade Runner, Akira, Johnny Mnemonic and Ghost in the Shell. The game’s story is set in Chiba Station, a crossing point between the Inner City, dominated by Mega-Corps, and the Sprawl, controlled by Gangs. Life in Chiba Station manages somehow to look like a peaceful coexistence – but something is about to change. And change is never peaceful. 

Where: Forte Ardietti, Peschiera del Garda (MN), Italy

Authors: Mauro Scanagatta, Davide Paonessa, Maria Grazia Ceruso, Daniele Gasparinetti, Paola Fabriani et al.

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