LAOG - Drama / Distopia / Sci-fi

You wake up. Fragments of memories. A calamity so terrifying. Only one remedy: hibernation of the most deserving... but how to choose them? So many people, so few places.... A screen lights up. A synthesized voice tells you everything will be fine. But... why can't you remember your name?

'The Elect' represents a breaking of the mold and rules, an exploration of the potential of online role-playing games.

In this event, you will begin the adventure without knowing *who* you are playing. Characters will possess only an identification code and a psychological classification (the MBTI - Myers Briggs Type Indicator). There will be no teasers or sheets.

The event will feature a dual focus of self-discovery and world discovery, in a non-linear, non-predetermined key. The core of the narrative will be dramatic, in the setting in a sci-fi world.

This event is for you if:

  • You are looking for an out of the ordinary experience
  • You are fascinated by the idea of progressively discovering your identity and the game setting

This event is NOT for you if:

  • You want to play a pre-written character in a clear and defined way
  • You are looking for a linear and structured experience
  • You want to start from a precise and determined known setting

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