High tech, low life. It's time to live on the edge again.

LARP / Cyberpunk

It's been 30 years since the bomb destroyed the City. Find out how Chiba Station has changed under the red sky of atomic debris. After the Fourth Corporate War, after the Day the Net was Broken, nothing has been the same. But all this hasn't changed the desire that burns in each of us: to Live on the Edge again.

It's been almost thirty years since the Bomb that destroyed the City.

The years of reconstruction, from the scars of the Fourth Corporate War.
The years of the red sky, soiled by the debris of atomic and orbital strikes.
The years of recovery, after the Day the Net was Broken.

And now, it's time to restart.
It's time to recharge the Matrix.
It's time to live on the edge again.
It's time for RELOADED.

Where: Cartiera del Vas, Belluno

Authors: Mauro Scanagatta, Maria Grazia Ceruso, Daniele Gasparinetti, Davide Paonessa, Paola Fabriani, Pietro Fassina, Giacomo Longhetti, Giulia Stoppa, Chiara Bernardi, Alessio DeMarino, Pierluigi di Persio, Emilio lo giudice, Stefano Gazzella.

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