What’s the price for humanity’s salvation?

LAOG - Space opera

You have been selected for an extraordinary mission, on whose success depends the future of humanity. The experience will lead you to the resolution of moral conflicts, and then to bear their burden. Will you be able to save your planet? At what price?

Year 2085. The Sun is dying, extinguishing inexorably, condemning humanity to extinction due to the progressive global freezing. The only chance of humanity lies in the HOPE project: sending six space shuttles, each equipped with a stellar class atomic bomb, in order to re-establish nuclear reactions within our star. There can be no other possibility: for the construction of the bombs all the fissile material of the planet has been used, with an unprecedented agreement between the governments, which have agreed to dismantle their nuclear arsenal. The journey to our star will last 12 years, and for most of voyage the crews will be in cryogenic hibernation. The whole world has watched their departure, and wished with one voice to succeed in the project. Because twelve years is a long time. And many things can happen, in what many now call the last sunset. 

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